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Change LDAP source from NSIP to SNIP caveat?

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Is stated in "https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX108876" :



Note: If the NetScaler IP cannot communicate to the LDAP servers, you can configure a Load Balancing VIP for LDAP and the NetScaler will send the request from a  MIP/SNIP. MIP/SNIP would need to reach the LDAP servers.


It is possible to use a LB server to change the source IP for LDAP traffic from NSIP to the SNIP IP.

This works great, but what about the LB monitor? When you create a monitor to check if LDAP is up the monitor is polling the LDAP server from the NSIP so traffic from NSIP to the LDAP server is still necessary this way. Is there also a way to change the source IP for the monitor?

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What about still needing to use SNIP as source IP for this monitor?

We've tried CTX217712 but if SNIP is using the same interfaces/channel  that SNIP, this doesn't seem to work.

nstcpdump/trace shows the SNIP instead of NSIP, but the mac address of the interface used by NSIP and not the one binded to vlan/interfaces of SNIP..




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