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MCS - Master image does not appear in list of machines to update


Hi there


We are using XenDesktop 7.11 on Server 2012 running on VMware vSphere 5.5. The 'site' was built a few weeks' ago as we are running a PoC of the product.


I have made a change to my master image and want to update my Machine Catalog but when I click 'Update machines' the VM is not listed. I can see all VMs except the one I want (see studio.png).


I believe MCS permissions in VMware are set correctly, and if I log into vCenter with the MCS service account, I can see the machine (see vmware.png).


It was visible a week ago, I don't understand why it isn't any more.


Can anyone think of any reason why this might be happening?






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Hi Carl,


The Master image along with the VDI desktops are in the same VMware cluster, and for the sake of ruling out any host or networking issues, are on the same VMware host.


I am completely new to the world of VDI and indeed XenDesktop, so forgive my ignorance, but what is a XdConfig? In the "Annotations" field of the Master VM, there is an attribue with the name of "XdConfig" with the value of "XdProvisioned=true".


What is unusual is that, every single VM except my Master is visible in the 'Update machines' window, even machines without any XdConfig tag.




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