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Netscaler 11.1 and Storefront 3.6: Event ID 1 (2007) Gateway mismatch

Jens Hildenbeutel

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Hello, I am on my way to transition to XD 7.11, but I have a problem that I am hunting down for almost a week now.


When I log on via Netscaler, I authenticate and after some spinning, i see the Storefront login. I cannot authenticate there, I always get the notice, that I have been logge off.


The logs show:


Warning - Citrix Authentication Service Event 1 (2007)




I have followed many of Carls hints in the other threads, but nothing seems to help.


All snip and VIP records are correct, but I do not get rid of the entry.


I have a SAN-certificate installed on both Netscaler and Storefront among the complete chain.








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Some more notes on this:

The internal access to Storefront is working nicely, the problem only appears by access via Netscaler.


I also sortet out that the is just the result of the switch to allow / disallow the local loopback address in the receiver for web settings.


Unfortunately now I am completely lost on this issue.

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Hello Carl,


I followed your steps here: http://www.carlstalhood.com/session-policies-for-storefront-netscaler-11/ and doublechecked each step. I ran a session of nsconmsg and the correct profiles are triggert when connecting.


so, I'd expect that everything is correct - but it's not.


btw: I have a running 10.5 in prod, and I crosschecked the settings, too


Right now I am almost considering setting up a Netscaler 11.0 as I have lost so many hours already


Is there a (new) problem, if all the Nescaler interfaces are in the same subnet (I have it in the DMZ)? On my firewall, I can see only traffic to the Netscaler IP and to the snip, but no traffic at all to the vip!

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Interestingly we ran into the same error out of a sudden without any configuration change.


Our solution was similar to Jens approach but we did not have to go that far:

Editing the Storefront configuration by removing and adding the accepted Netscaler Gateway again was sufficient.

After saving (basically the identical) configuration everything went back to normal.

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