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Import-XAFarm -MaxRecordCount Warning only first 250 records returned

Tom Swift


I'm using the Import-XAFarm utility to import applications in to a XenDesktop server environment but I'm getting an error message saying:


Warning: Only first 250 records returned.  Use -MaxRecordCount to retrieve more.


Here's my powershell command:

Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\xafarm.xml -LogFile c:\xafarm-import.log -IncludeDisabledApps


How do a set the MaxRecordCount to something like 9999?

I have aout 3800 applications to import.


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After working with this script for a while, it appears the "Warning: Only first 250 records returned.  Use -MaxRecordCount to retrieve more." is just an information message and that applications continue to be imported.  Additionally, I was getting a fatal error message as well that was causing the import script to terminate but that was something else and not related to the 250 -MaxRecordCount warning.


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If you use "-MaxReadCount" property in the last you will not get output, what you are looking for because this property will act like as input to our output.


Example: Here I'm trying to see the results for sessions information if you use a script like below you will get into error; stating -maxrecordcount property is not recognized.


Get-BrokerSession | Select-Object BrokeringUserName, BrokeringDuration, SessionState -MaxRecordCount 2000


Correct to call/use a script like below; then you will get output what you are looking for 

Get-BrokerSession -MaxRecordCount 2000| Select-Object BrokeringUserName, BrokeringDuration, SessionState 


hope it will be helpful.



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I'd tried the following, which didn't work:


Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\xafarm.xml -LogFile c:\xafarm-import.log -IncludeDisabledApps -MaxRecordCount 9999


Trying the following:

Import-XAFARM -maxrec (press tab to auto complete) --> Doesn't recognize -MaxRecordCount as an appropriate parameter.


Get-BrokerApplication -MaxRecordCount 999 --> Works just fine 


In hopes of circumventing the problem, I did the following on the XenApp 6.0 server I used to export from:

**Partial Exports in batches of 250


Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm0000-0250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs0000-0250.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "0000"

Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm0251-0500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs0251-0500.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "0250"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm0501-0750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs0501-0750.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "0500"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm0751-1000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs0751-1000.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "0750"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm1001-1250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs1001-1250.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "1000"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm1251-1500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs1251-1500.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "1250"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm1501-1750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs1501-1750.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "1500"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm1751-2000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs1751-2000.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "1750"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm2001-2250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs2001-2250.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "2000"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm2251-2500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs2501-2750.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "2250"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm2501-2750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs2501-2750.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "2500"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm3000-3000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs3000-3000.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "2750"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm3001-3250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs3001-3250.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "3000"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm3251-3500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs3251-3500.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "3250"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm3501-3750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs3501-3750.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "3500"
Export-XAFarm -XmlOutputFile c:\install\xafarm3751-4000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xalogs3751-4000.log -IgnoreZones -applimit "0250" -SkipApps "3750"

Import on XenDesktop Server:

**In Partial Batches of 250


Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm0000-0250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs0000-0250.log

Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm0251-0500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs0251-0500.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm0501-0750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs0501-0750.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm0751-1000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs0751-1000.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm1001-1250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs1001-1250.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm1251-1500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs1251-1500.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm1501-1750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs1501-1750.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm1751-2000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs1751-2000.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm2001-2250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs2001-2250.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm2251-2500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs2501-2750.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm2501-2750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs2501-2750.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm3000-3000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs3000-3000.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm3001-3250.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs3001-3250.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm3251-3500.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs3251-3500.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm3501-3750.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs3501-3750.log
Import-XAFarm -XmlInputFile c:\install\xafarm3751-4000.xml -LogFile c:\install\xaimportlogs3751-4000.log
Errors regarding -MaxRecordCount after record #1464 is added
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