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Server 2016 logon screen

Philippe Marro1709155269


I installed the VDA on a server 2016, it works fine except that the full screen logon window is showed either when pre-laucnhing or when starting an app if pre-launch is not enabled. It's the windows you see when it applies group policies and so on, it doesn't ask for a password just shows the window while loading.


I tried to apply fix http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX135782 but it doesn't work.


Any one has an idea ?


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Hi Philippe, I have the same issue but only after applying this fix. Without this registry key I have a black screen instead, it feels like it supposed to be hidden, but in my case it is just showing black full screen.




Yes it seems without the fix the screen is black, and with the screen you can see the screen. I have no return yet they have to test it in their lab.


EDIT : I had a call with them, it seems it's a Microsoft related issue and Citrix is working with them for a fix, but no ETA. 

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