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Password Expiry Warning Period Notification missing

Kalpesh Mistry1709156584

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XenApp 7.6 Site

Storefront 3.01

NetScaler 11.63.16



I have a Windows GPO setup on our domain to warn users when their password is about to expire within 7 days.


I can see that the GPO is working as when a Domain Admin, with a password that is about to expire within 7 days, logs into a server desktop the password about to expire warning balloon pops up, 


but this warning is not appearing when logging into the Storefront page via NetScaler.


The NetScaler is configured with LDAPs and has the "Allow Password Change" enabled


The StoreFront's web.config has the following entry...


   <explicitBL authenticator="defaultDelegatedAuthenticator" requireAccountSIDs="true"
      hideDomainField="true" allowUserPasswordChange="Always"        showPasswordExpiryWarning="Windows"
      passwordExpiryWarningPeriod="10" allowZeroLengthPassword="false">
The Storefront does give the option for "Change Password" from the top right menu once the user is logged in.
Not sure if the issue maybe with the above value passwordExpiryWarningPeriod="10"

conflicting with the GPO being set to 7 days?

Any suggestions?
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