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Remove Host Connection (vCenter) Error

Alex Spicola1709156700


I'm trying to remove a virtual host connection to my vCenter in PVS 7.8. I just don't need it in there at this point.


I keep getting attached error (screenshot attached too)


Error Connected Device - Unable to delete this VM from a machine catalog because it is connected to a Delivery Group.


I didn't think there was a constant connection to the hypervisor unless I had automated vDisks setup which I don't. I thought maybe it was a connection into XenApp so I removed the machines/catalogs temporarily (this is all in test) and still couldn't remove this host connection.


Any thoughts on what I could do. 


I thought about removing all the target devices but that's a last resort. I only have 10 of them right now but would like to avoid doing that, who knows if it would work anyway.




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I did end up figuring it out and should have posted it. Now I cannot really remember. I did some digging and I think I remember having to remove the host connection in XA first using PowerShell.


To do this I followed the solutions here:




Once that was removed in XenApp for the time being I believe I was able to remove in PVS. If I find anymore or remember exactly what I did then I'll post it. I know I had to start there though. 


Part of me is thinking I ended up removing the machine catalogs in XA too and then adding them back. Basically i had to get the tie in between XA/PVS/VMware out of the way and by not attributing the target devices to XA there was no reason to have the error anymore.


If you figure out the procedure please post back. Hope this help!

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