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User can not start Published App after MCS reboot

It It1709152289


Hi guys,


We are facing issues when in the morning, after servers dailey reboot, users cannot start a published application, before anyone started a full desktop on those servers, using either the Citrix Receiver Desktop or using a Thin Client.



XenApp 7.6 LTSR CU1

Workers: Windows 2008 R2 SP1 patched till 12/07/2016.

Director & Storefronts are Windows 2012 R2

Published application does not require the Explorer.exe so seamless is OK.


Workers using MCS, everyday reboot to clean image, could not start app (published app).

I see them come in on the Director connecting to the server but no session starts.
When server reboots and you first start a published desktop, there are no problems.

When you start a published app, hosted on that same server you previously started a published desktop on, the published app starts.


As if, when you start a published desktop, some services get initialized which the publish app also uses but does not initializes them?


I've seen a lot of talking about the "RunOnce /alternateShellStartup" command but don't get it to work. I tried it as a startup script in an Machine Policy and also as a logon script in an User Policy


Anyone else have any other solutions of fixes?



Jeroen Van Praet



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we had a similar problem with our 7.13 XenApp Servers. After every reboot, users weren't able to start a published app.

Even a published Desktop only started with the "second" mouseclick, not with the first.


First Workaround was to restart the "Citrix Desktop Service" after the reboot.


After further investigation we realized two rdp licensing error Messages in the Windows System eventlog which were appearing

nearly the same time as the first Login attempt took place.

We then deleted the terminal server "TimeBomb"-Registrykey under "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Services\RCM\Grace Period\". You have to give yourself the necessary rights on the regkey before you are able to delete it.

After that, users have been able to start published apps after the server reboot without any Problems.


But be careful. We have a PVS Environment and done that trick in our PVS Image. For that the key is missing after every server reboot and is recreated after the first session has been established.

In a non-PVS Environment, the key will be recreated and will stay, even after the following reboots.

So, perhaps you have to delete it again, when the grace period is over again. Furthermore you should check, why vour terminalserver isn't renewing the key / the period with the rdp licensing server.


Best Regards.



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