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XD 7.9 on vSphere - Migration to new vCenter

Robert Raschke


Hi everyone,


we are currently hosting XenDesktop 7.9 on vSphere 5.5.


Early next year we are planning to migrate all hosts to a new vCenter (Appliance) thats

already Version 6.x. Afterwards all hosts will be connected to the new vCenter and upgraded to vSphere 6.x


We are not using MCS, PvD or AppDisk.

All VDAs are streamed via PVS. 


I would like to add the new vCenter as a new ressouce in Studio, then shut down all VDAs and migrate the hosts (including all VMs, of course), then remove the old ressource connection. 


Has anybody done that before? Will I work or do I really have to recreate all catalogs?


Any information would be greatly appreciated...




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Hi Robert,


I think it is not possible to migrate your existing catalogs and VDAs to the new vCenter, because if you create a catalog it is mapped with some unique IDs to your hypervisor, the network, storage etc. So you have to create your catalogs and the VDAs new.


Please take a look at CTX140041 for more Information about this.


What you could migrate is your Infrastructure like your PVS Server, Storefront Server and the DDCs for example.




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To share my recent experience:


Six months ago we upgraded XD 7.5 to XD 7.8, PVS 7.1 to 7.8 and also vCenter 5.5 - 6


The vCenter 6 is newly built. After esxi 5.5-6 upgrades, all the hosts are pointed to the new vcenter 6

We are also using PVS only, without MCS, appdisk, pvd


in my case, reconfigure PVS host connection to new vcenter 6 saved me trouble from reconfiguring the entire device collection

However, for the entire machine catalog, after reconfiguring new vSphere connection, all settings are corrupted


I have to recreate all the machine catalogs and delivery group based on the screenshots i made prior to vCenter migration

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I did a similar migration to Jacques. I too had to recreate the catalogs.


I did find that starting the machines from vCenter before creating the new catalogs helped. I had started only the first 10 to make sure they would run correctly. I then recreated the catalog for all 28 machines. The 18 I did not power on first had a bad ID that was pointing to the old storage on the old vCenter. I had to run some command line utilities to change the ID to the new one.


The symptom was that the 18 machines would show as Power State Unknown in the Delivery Controller. I found this KB to help correct the issue. http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX131267



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