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VDA go randomly in Terminal Service Grace Period

Philip Stone




I have an issue for month now and finally I'm on the right direction. We have randomly users who can't start application through the Citrix Receiver but the Desktop's are working fine. The verbose logging of the citrix receiver only indicates that it was not able to receive the ica file. Temporary solution was to open the store web from a browser and launch an application from there. This would directly fix the issue on the receiver as well. On Director I have sessions hanging on PreLogon without mention the username, this is only available in the brokered user column. I can't disconnect or logoff these session...


Now I found another thread where they identified the Terminal Services Licensing as the issue. The "Timebomb" under HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\RCM\GracePeriod was set and the Grace Period was started:

(gwmi -Namespace root\cimv2\TerminalServices -Class Win32_TerminalServiceSetting).GetGracePeriodDays().DaysLeft


Deleting the reg key will immediately fix the problem but it reoccurs. We use MCS so I checked the master image (XA 7.9 Server 2008 R2) and found that key as well. I removed it and updated the master image. The reboot schedule restarted all my hosts yesterday morning. Everything was fine but then today morning they started to go into grace period again, not all at once but within two hours.


I have servers running on another location where nobody is working yet and these are all fine up to now. But I expect the as soon the users login to these machines it will also start there.


I can't find any events on the logs neither on the VDA or the RD License host. I made a reset of the RD Licensing host and reinstalled the CAL's last week. Until now only 20 of 120 CAL's are used. Is this normal? Let me know if more details are needed.


Thanks for any help!

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Okay, I can already provide more about the issue. As I said, I have server on another location. 3 in total, deployed with MCS and restarted yesterday morning.


All these machine had no Timebomb and where not in grace period. I connected to an app hosted in that location, it successfully connected but also immediately created the timebomb and started the grace period. I disconnected and logged off just to start an published desktop. It went to another server and also created the timebomb and started the grace period. I was able to connect all the time but I had this timebomb on every host. I deleted it and the grace period stopped. It stays now fine when I connect again.


But if I restart these machines and connect to them, they go into the grace period again.

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If you go to the RDS Licensing diagnoser does it show that the server has licenses and a valid RDS license server? Thats what I would check first. Do you have any RDS settings set via the local GPMC or via GPO? I have the RDS settings set via GPO so it knows what license server to check into and get its CAL's. If it rearms the timer it sounds like it may not be identifying the license server.

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