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VM Deleted... Is there a way to recover it?


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Doubtful, backups are a good thing.




I know... this VM was a Remote Desktop Gateway role with Windows 2012 server. The reason that this server hadn´t a backup is that we have a pool of RDWG servers and we only backup one one of this for disaster recovery... but one of our it technician attatch one data disk to the wrong server and share it. When i deleted the VM, the disk was connected to the VM and i delete it... We stopped all VMs in this server inmediatly.

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The big problem here is that there is a UUID associated with this. If it's an LVM volume, you might be able to restore an older version of the LVM metadata and see if you can back-track the logical device associated with that VM. I've never looked at something like that, so I cannot say what the chance of recovery might be. Also, if other storage has been created since, it very well could already be re-allocated to something else and overwritten. From the pure XenServer side, there is no such recovery mechanism, alas.



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What backend provided the iSCSI disk to your pool?


You could just try and create a new SR specifying the same connection details as what was used. If XenCenter finds any disks lingering on the storage it will ask you what you want to do.


Otherwise you could try and attach the same iSCSI disk that was exposed to your pool to a Linux host. The underlying file structure when XenServer creates a new SR is LVM if I am not mistaking. Then you could possibly browse that file system from your Linux host and recover the data from there.

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