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XA 7.9 > VMWare Hosting Config > "Unable to find any shared storage"

Skip Miller




I am configuring XenApp 7.9 installation for a large client who is using Cisco hosts and fiber channel SAN. I am trying to configure hosting connection to a VMWare 6.x vCenter with root level credentials and am getting "Unable to find any shared storage" (same result for local storage). 


All host should have shared SAN connections. Any suggestion on next steps? I can't seem to find detailed requirements on storage compatibility?





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On 3/9/2017 at 1:57 PM, Daniel Cieslinski said:

Interesting, I came across the same issue in a VMware Cluster.  What I discovered was that because I only have 1 HOST left in the cluster (because we are migrating to a newer hypervisor) I had to select "Use storage local to the hypervisor" under Storage Management, even though it is SAN storage.


Did you ever end up adding a second host and if so, what happened once it was added?  I'm in the same boat.  We have 1 single ESXi 6.7u3 host and are getting "Unable to find any shared storage".  However, in talking with the VMWare admin. he didn't recommend choosing "Use storage local to hypervisor" because well, it's not "local to hypervisor" it's shared SAN storage.


We CAN add a 2nd host to get past this if that's the fix, but it's not ideal.  We wanted to set this host up and slowly migrate bits and pieces over to this one to drain the other two hosts to eventually bring them into the new cluster once they're upgraded from 5.5 to 6.7u3.

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