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Some Sessions not visible as active in Desktop Director

Roberto Pereira




Last Weekend we updated from our XenDesktop 7.6 to 7.8. We have 2 Desktop Director Servers load balanced over Netscaler.


We have an AD Group with our Helpdesk Users and in Desktop Studio we assigned the Helpdesk Administrator for all scopes to this Group.


The Helpdesk user is able to Login and manage the sessions. The only strange thing is that he cannot manage all users. The users are all in the same delivery Group and on the same Server. I see in Desktop Studio that the users which Helpdesk is looking for are connected and active. There are for example 5 users and from this users the Helpdesk can only manage 2. For the other users he receive a message that no session is open.


I d'ont understand why some users are reported as offline in Desktop Director when they are active.


Any idea?


Thank you and Regards,


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I found the problem. I noticed that they are always the same users that can't be found in DD.


I compared now two users (working vs not working) and I found a missing read security setting. After activating "Read" for Authenticated User, the users session is found in DD.


- Open the AD User Properties

- Tab Security

- Check that Authenticated Users have Read permission


I dont know why some users dont have the read permission. Now I need to find a powershell command to add this permission. But Director Problem is solved.

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Hello agian,


I just installed Desktop Director completely new and I recreated the Monitoring Database in XenDesktop. I have still the same Problem that no all users are visible.


I checked now for example User1, User2 and User3. All are connected on the same Windows 2012 R2 Server with a published Desktop.


- When checking with Administrator User in DD: I can see all 3 users a active and manage the session

- When checking with Helpdesk User in DD: I can only see the Session of User1. User2 and User3 reports no session.


I wanted to check the permissions now. but all 3 users are on the same Server and the permssions should be ok.


Someone has an idea?


Thank you and Regards,


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