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HdxSdkErrorDomain_Session error 3

Joe Porter


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We are having the same issue on our iPads for Citrix access.  Same NS setup as above, however, we only upgraded the receiver to 7.1, still on the older iOS.  We've upgraded some to iOS 10 and still receive the error.  Any one dig anything up yet?  I'm wondering if resetting the certificate on the iPads will help, since it's failing in SSL handshake/negotiation.

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Has the error been corrected? I travel and always used my ipad I wasnt able to use it last trp. Will be traveling soon again, will the fix be uploaded anytime soon? Thanks for your support.

Hello Everyone,


First off I am sincerely sorry for the issues you are facing. We have identified the root cause for the connection issues and are currently working on a solution. We will upload a fix to the App store as soon as it has been resolved. 



Thank You

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We have this issue on our Apple iOS 10+ iPads, iOS 9 devices are not affected. Our mobile devices sit on a VPN (using Cisco Anyconnect) and network traffic goes through a global proxy.

Devices are able to reach the remote desktops if logged in via Safari->open in Receiver however the "HdxSdkErrorDomain_Session error 3" error is retained if logging in using the Citrix Receiver built-in Web-interface.


Any idea on where the issue is?

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Same with us on 7.2.2. Just confirmed 7.2.1 still works fine with our environment. 7.2.2 does not. I've opened a case with citrix. 7.2.2 Generates the following error:


Connection Error

Engine was not loaded.; You have not chosen to trust "CA Root", the issuer of the server's security certificate. Error Number:183.


Clicking on "More Info" gives you the following:


Permanent Error

Please provide the following information to your IT department:

The operation couldn't be completed. (HdxSdkErrorDomain_Session error 3.)

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