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I customized EULA on 10.1 by adding below code after '<!-- Footer -->:


<div id="copyrightfooter">
<div style="position:absolute;top:475px;left:550px; width: 100%; margin:0 auto; height:20px;"><font color="white" size="2"
<p id="copyrightFooterText">
This system is to be used by Company name authorized users. Users expressly consent to monitoring for <br> administrative and security purposes. Evidence of any misuse will be cause for civil/criminal prosecution.</center></p>

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This post was created early in 2016. I too faced this issue in 2021. I hope that many people might still have this issue. As per my findings I didn't find any resource which says about banner message of the GUI Management interface, but we can change the banner message of the ssh and the console in the 13.0 61.48 version.  Since I didn't have any Linux knowledge I used a FTP client to browser to the specific locations, opened the text files and then changed the text which was already present.


1) ssh - find the file in /etc/issue. Change the text which is present in the file. 

2) Console - find the file in /etc/issue.net. Change the text which is present in the file. 


Didn't have to reboot.




Hope it helps. ? If someone finds a way to use a banner in the web management UI kindly update the post.

SSH and Console.JPG

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