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Admin User UPN showing on logon screen

Chris Hide




Bit of a weird one.


We run a /servervdi on XenApp 7.8 using Windows 2012 Datacenter R2.


When users log in to their desktop, they usually see DOMAIN\Username


(See attached normal.png)


However, recently users have started to see their first name, last name (which is fine), but underneath that it is showing the Administrator account UPN, regardless of the user they're logging in as.



<First Name> <Last Name>




"Joe Bloggs



Applying user settings"


See attachment "admin-user.png"


Do you know what might cause this? All users are accessing the same Gold image (provisioned via PVS) and are hitting the same machine catalog and delivery group. I've tried doing profile resets and recreating users but the same issue persists.


We're using Citrix UPM policies with all UPM profiles stored on a File Cluster.


I do not want the admin account visible to all users.


Any suggestions?



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