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Local App Access bugs with Windows 10 (working with support)


I've been working with support for quite a while now (weeks) on issues i've experienced with Local App Access when using a Windows 10 client / 2012 R2 Server.


I've posted about this before but I'm creating this topic more to get an idea of anyone that has it working or has similar issues that I am experiencing.


Here is a list of my issues:

  • CDViewer was crashing (resolved in latest verison of Receiver)
  • Random lockups due to excessive CPU usage when multiple applications are opened inside of the VDA
  • Very slow to login and presented with a blank gray screen instead of the typically login screen
  • Flickering
  • Overall poor user experience


My main point of trying to use Local App Access is to present local website (banking) to my users that need it. The reason is some of these websites use check scanners that cannot be redirected. If I can get Local App Access to work properly then it would be an overall better experience than them having to log off and login to a local account to do the check processing (they use desktop lock).


I'm finding it very difficult to get further on troubleshooting the issue with Citrix mainly due to the randomness of the issues. I've setup two lab servers for them to test which reproduced it on our end (even testing with multiple Windows 10 client computers and from different locations).


Please let me know if anyone has experienced these issues. 

Thank you!

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