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Handling snapshots on MCS Master image



I have took over an enviroment that uses MCS on the master image Template VM there is tons of snapshots created from the Hypervisor level (Vcenter) V 4.1 V 4.2 V 4.3 etc i now need to clear these down. I was always under the impression that these snapshots are separate as when you create a new machine catalog or update a machine catalog it flattens the delta's in the snapshot that is chosen and then copies the base disk to each datastore specified in the hosting connection.  Each VM then has a identity disk and differential disk which is linked to the base disk which got copied to each datastore. Am i correct in thinking deleting the snapshots on the Master VM will have no impact to the production VM's ? 


I am also under the impression that deleting the snapshots at the hypervisor level will prevent me from updating machine catalog's to previous snapshot versions for example V 3.7 but this shouldn't be a problem i only want to keep around 1-2 snapshots at the Hypervisor level for example V 4.4 and V 4.5


Looking at the attached picture of the snapshot tree whats the best way to handle this ? If i delete all snapshots i understand that all the snapshot delta vmdk's will be merged into the base vmdk. If i delete the V 4.5 snapshot i understand it will be merged into the V 4.4 delta .vmdk 


I am guessing i will need to start deleting the snapshots from V 4.3 all the way down to V 2.0  in the snapshot tree is this correct? this way the V 4.4 and V 4.5 snapshots remain  


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Regarding deleting the snapshots from the snapshot tree i attached. If i wanted to keep V 4.4 and V 4.5 around i am guessing i would have to delete all the prior snapshots for example delete V4.3 then delete V 4.2 then Delete V 4.1 all the way to V 2.0 ? 

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