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Netscaler SNIP and NSIP same subnet issues

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We recently moved a pair of Netscalers to a new location with new IPs. Everything looks okay, but the network folks are saying that all traffic is going through the management port and none through the redundant ports.


We have interfaces 0/1, 1/1 and 1/2 configured.


The routes I am seeing is                     XXX.251.3.1  STATIC    PERMANENT

XXX.251.3.0    XXX.251.3.35 DIRECT


XXX.251.3.35 is the NSIP

XXX.251.3.39 is the SNIP


How do I force all none management traffic through the redundant ports?

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Hi Carl


I am also having same issue, we installed a new firewall ( cisco ASA ) . now all traffic appears going from  nsip and not snip. Netscaler  is a VPX with one interface only in DMZ


nsip X.X.4.70

snip X.X.4.71                     XXX.40.1  STATIC   PERMANENT

X.X..4.0          X.X.4.70 DIRECT



Also should I see the snip entry in arp table


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fyi - I was just researching this and came across this thread.  The problem appears when the SNIP and NSIP are in the same subnet.  You want the management traffic using the managment interface 0/1, and the SNIP production traffic using the production interface i.e. 1/1.  If you bind the SNIP to a vlan to associate it with the non-management interface then it tries to bind all ip's in the same subnet to that interface/vlan which causes an error.  I guess because the NSIP wants to be bound to the management interface.  The preferred setup is to have a separate subnet for SNIP and NSIP, so each subnet can be bound to a different VLAN and interface.


If that is not possible, the way I see around this would be to use the arp command as shown in the blog post - https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2014/12/30/netscaler-snips-bound-to-an-interface-without-a-vlan/

add arp -ipAddress -mac 00:e0:ed:0f:bc:e0 -ifnum 1/2


This binds the SNIP to a MAC address.  This will force traffic for the SNIP to use the correct interface.  You would need to do this on each member of the HA pair since the mac's will differ.


I personally and going to go back to our networking team and try to get a different subnet instead.

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