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SDX: SVM reachability to VPX instances

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I have a question about Service VM (SVM) reachability to VPX instances in one NetScaler SDX.

In one customer, we need to create two instances, one instances will be in the same subnet that the SVM (LAN Subnet), but the other instances, for customer requiriments, will be setup in other subnet (DMZ Subnet), so in this case, the svm and the instance will not be on the same subnet.


What steps we need to do for svm reach the instance in the other subnet? The SVM and two instances will be management for the same interface 0/1.


Very thanks for your replies






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Did you get this to work ? I am stuck in the same situation and can't get it to work.


My SVM IP is ( OOB Subnet )
Gateway :


Desired VPX subnet : 

Gateway : 


How do I use next hop to management service to get this to work ? 

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