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Machine catalog having errors with PVS servers

Tavarvess Ware


Never seen this error before hope someone can assist.  "The virtual machine with mac address in the selected device collection could not be found on any available connection.


I have tried the following:


  1. Restarting all management servers (PVS, DDCs)
  2. Importing many PVS Streaming servers to just 1
  3. Connecting to different pvs machines during import


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated never encountered this before.  I read that it is because of possible mismatch mac addresses but I verified that as well.

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In your PVS console under Device Collections, all your target VMs should be listed as objects. Each entry there has a MAC address. Whenever a VM boots through the PVS servers, the VM must match one of the VM objects in the PVS view.


Most likely the VM you are trying to boot has had its MAC address changed. See if there is a corresponding object of it in PVS console and change the MAC, and if not, then create one.

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 Thanks Kailas,


1.  I have tried multiple machine accounts

2.   I am trying to do it one at a time for simplicity of troubleshooting but I have tried that as well.


           a.  Catalog are you saying in PVS (I have tried that)?  

           b.  Create a new machine catalog (same error with the MAC Address)


I have verified that I have no duplicates and that the mac address matches the pvs mac.  Very weird as this is the first time this has happened.

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I just ran into the error with Citrix XenApp&XenDesktop 7.17  /  PVS 7.18 / vCenter & ESXi 6.0.


In my case it was a Connection error to the Hypervisor


   Get-HypVMMacAddress : Cannot connect to the VCenter server due to a certificate error. Make sure that the appropriate certificates are installed on the VCenter server, and install the appropriate certificates on all machines that contain instances of the Host service.  

although test connection to Hypervisor displayed everything correctly...

Solution 3 works fine in my case:

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