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Receiver Not Using Full Resolution of Retina Display - Macbook Pro

Michael Arufe


One of my company's clients is trying to use Citrix Receiver on his Macbook Pro, but consistently avoids doing so, due to the fact that he is unable to utilize the full Retina Display resolution within the Receiver session. This user has been reporting this issue for some time, and despite trying again this morning using the latest version of Citrix Receiver for Mac (12.1.100), it has still not been resolved.


Is this something that's being worked on, and if so, is there any estimate as to when there will be a fix for this? I would think with the amount of time that Retina displays have been out on the market, there would have been an update from Citrix on this issue. If anyone can provide any information, I would really appreciate it. 





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The problem is more extensive than just supporting the Retina resolutions. Most Retina resolutions (for instance on iPad's or iPad Pro's) are within the 4K supported resolution, but it seems like Apple is doing some kind of magic inside iOS/OSX, because it is advertising a lower resolution than the screen's physical one. See this post here:



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On 10/5/2017 at 7:42 AM, Alexander Ollischer1709158018 said:

Well, I'm having this issue as well and users are complaining all the time.... which is comprehensible, as I'm using a brand new MacBook Pro as well.


Actually, this issue has been first raised by myself almost 2(!) years ago, here: https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/367281-macbook-12-latest-receiver-blurry-fonts/



FYI.. this is not specific to MBP. Windows and Linux machines using HIDPI displays also suffer this.

The PC world did not give it a fancy name such as Retina, but the screens exist and this problem exist there too.


When I connect using Linux when there is a HIDPI display, it makes the target VM very hard to work with. Everything is too small.


Windows seems to do better. Using a HIDIP display with Windows and Citrix Receiver, works well. The Target VM's screen is set to the right resolution. How is this done? Are there extra parameters passed in?





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21 minutes ago, Bertrand Decoux said:

See other post



I use this, works perfectly


1st: I dont want to install an external to fix a problem in Citrix.

2nd: this tool only changes the screen resolution beyond what you can do in the Displays / scaled setting. The setting changes the resolution for all applications, rather than fixing only the faulty Citrix behaviour.


Citrix should use the native resolution of the retina display and let the remote windows desktop do the scaling.

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