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CNS-220: Exam Question

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I found a sample question on the internet for the exam for CNS-220, but I am not sure if the answer is correct. I know that LB vservers stands "after" CS vserver, but by definition is the CS vserver who decides based on content of the request.... So I would say as answer Content-Switching.


Here is the question:


  Scenario: A web server needs to be load-balanced but the content for the web page is retrieved

from different server pools. There is a server pool for images, another for text files, and another for
Which NetScaler feature would allow a user to retrieve content from all pools through a single IP
address by leveraging the ability of NetScaler to forward traffic based on the incoming request?
A. Load Balancing
B. Content Filtering
C. Content Switching
D. Global Server Load Balancing
Answer: A


Would it be possible for you to explain why A is correct and not C?





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This is a good example of why 3rd-party sites for exam questions is something to avoid! You'll find many bad answers. The best solution is to completely ignore their answers, and use them as a revision tool, using edocs etc to get the correct answer.


The answer to YOUR question is NO, I cant!!


The given answer is incorrect, as you say, the correct answer is ©, Content Switching.

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Nice one Paul.


If you know your stuff you don't need to resort to brain dumps and 3rd party cheat sites. Citrix and other vendors are now able to identify candidates who have potentially used these sites by inserting questions that targets these users.


If you know Netscaler and have the relevant experience the answer is clear. It highlights the difference between people who say they have experience of "as in I have seen it and have an over view" to those who actually do have experience and have implemented Netscaler solutions in production environments.


I am all for helping people with less experience out, but not for helping them cheat on an exam and gain bogus certification.

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