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PVS 7.6 & PVS 7.6 CU 1 Image export


Hi All,


Have 2 PVS Farms.


Farm 1 running 7.6 - Production

Farm 2 running 7.6 Cumulative Update 1 - Disaster Recovery


Both farms share a single image which is updated on Farm 1, tested and then rolled out into production.

The disk version is then exported from Farm 1 using the Export vDisk... and then selecting the new version. This then writes the XML file which on investigation contains all the correct versions.


I then copy this to Farm 2 and then run through the import wizard,  Add vDisk Versions... I then Click on Search the new disk version is displayed  then I click Add it's at this point I receive the error message


Warning Zero Objects Affected


No object was added, updated, or deleted in the last operation


I have checked that the permissions I am using for the Streaming service has the correct permissions, they are the same for Farm 1 and Farm 2.


I suspect this is down to the CU 1 on Farm 2 and the fact it may have changed the DB Schema but not 100% sure.


Any ideas please ?


Regards Ivan

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Hi George,


I had the updates working prior to the upgrade, but what I have done is "Fix" the issue is use the export function in Farm 1 then copy the AVHD, PVP and XML files from Farm 1 into Farm 2, then disconnecting the existing disk and added the disk back in using the XML file. Not sure why just adding the differencing disk aren't working but I can investigate that further down the line in our lab.


Regards Ivan

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Well, I had to do something similar .. since I exported the base vdisk with its version with the xml, pvp and avhd files from farm 1, and then copied them to farm 2.


In farm 2, I had to delete the vdisk from the provisioning console (without deleting the associated files), and then import the base vdisk that I copied from farm 1 to farm 2. With those steps I did not have to import the new version since it was added automatically.



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