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GSLB - Content Switching to Non Addressable vServer

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We have a single content switching vServer - IP address assigned.


Behind it, we use URL policies to map traffic to Non Addressable LBvServers, to save on IP addresses.


We have GSLB (Active/Backup for DR) for the NetScaler itself configured to monitor the CSVS, no problem.


We want to configure GSLB for one of the vServers behind it such that, when a DNS lookup is performed for this specific DNS entry (matching the URL Host header), if the vServer behind the CSvS is down, the NetScaler responds with the IP Address of the CSvS on the DR site.


Is this possible? The reason I ask is, when I attempt to create the GSLB service, I cannot select the LB vServer as it is non addressable...and, if I were to select the CSvServer it would only go down if ALL the LBvServers behind it were down...


Any thoughts?

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I have also desired the ability to bind non addressable LBVSs to a GSLB server. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like that is possible.


What may work for you is creating a GSLB service that maps to a server object (instead of a virtual server). Create a server under Load Balancing and then create a GSLB service that is bound to the server you created. The server object could be any IP.


Since the service is mapped to a server object and a server object by itself has no state (up/down, etc), the state of the GSLB service will show as down. You can disable health monitoring for the GSLB service and the state will show as up, but the effective state will always show as down (because there is no way to monitor the stateless server object).


Hope that helps

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I don't think HTTP headers are included in DNS queries so GSLB wouldn't be able to determine which LB vServer the user is trying to access.


Since it's all or nothing, if the user connects to the "wrong" side, you basically have two options: Proxy, or Redirect.


With Proxy, you configure backup LB vServers so if the primary LB vServer is down, the backup LB vServer sends the traffic to the other side.


With Redirect, you configure Protection on the LB vServer and specify the redirect URL. This assumes a different DNS Name.

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Using the GSLB service groups feature in 12.1, you can have the same server with an IP address and port bound to multiple service groups where each service group represents a different application.



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