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Power Button Windows 10 VDI

Luke Barton


Hey Citrix Experts,

Is anyone aware if there is a way to remove to power button completely from the windows 10 start menu. The reason I ask is that in a VDI solution we would prefer to remove that component from the user. As when the user logs off the VDI it shutsdown automatically.


When I use the GPO to remove the shutdown, restart and hibernate command in windows 10, it leaves the power button visible, but if a user clicks on it, its simply a grey box which may be a little confusing.


They have also deprecated the group policy that changed what the power button does. It does not apply to windows 10.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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I've come across this issue also and have been unable to come up with a good solution as of yet. I even loaded up the new Anniversary Update of Win10 due out later this summer and it doesn't appear to have an option to remove the Power Button either. 


Seems a silly move by MS to not allow this. 


If anyone has an idea of how to accomplish this, I'd love to hear it.

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I've had the same experience with the "Remove and prevent access to Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands" policy and Windows 10 and am unaware of a supported solution to removing it.


There is the "Launcher_ShowPowerButtonOnStartScreen" DWORD that can be configured for the Start Screen. 


Not sure of one for the actual Start Menu though :( 


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