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HTTP Monitor (Secure) with SSL_BRIDGE

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I have a new lab Netscaler I'm using to test NS11.0 65.31 on. On my 10.5 Netscaler I have a virtual server using port 443 (SSL) and a HTTP (with Secure) monitor enabled to send a GET request to /owa/healthcheck.htm for Exchange to test if its good.



Now on this new version I did it a little differently and i'm getting a "Time out during SSL handshake stage" when attempting.


Basically I created an SSL_BRIDGE service group and added three of my Exchange servers to the group. I created a new monitor using type HTTP and left destination port to "BOUND PORT" (although i've tried 443 also). On the special parameters I set the HTTP request to "GET /owa/healthcheck.htm" and expect response code "200".


I think it has something to do with the SSL_BRIDGE.




Service Group:



Monitor main page:



Monitor special parameters:



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Could you please elaborate a bit more on the theory behind it?

I have a similar case (SSL_BRIDGE with monitor HTTP secure) and it is working fine. I am not sure though which is the SSL parameters that are exchanged between ADC and backend server for monitor communication. I never set SSL parameters on NS for this communication (monitor to backend).





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