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Sessions Hang at random

Brandon Schaefer


We've recently pushed out a new version of our application that uses WPF and Prism that hangs occasionally for users only on the Citrix farm.  Our previous application (WPF and not Prism) continues to work properly without any freezing.  This is a XenApp6.5 RU06.


This happens at random and on a per session basis. 


The symptoms when it occurs are as follows:

  • The application appears to have disappeared from the client's system. 
    • WFCRUN32 and WFICA32 are both still running on the client.
  • AppCenter shows the user connected and active.  Application shows active. 
  • When I view the processes for that session in AppCenter it still shows our app running. 
  • In Task Manager, the app is running and not using any CPU resources.


If we 'disconnect' the user's session and attempt to reconnect, the session becomes active again, but they still don't get the application to display.


Currently, our only solution is to log off the user and have them launch a new instance losing their work in progress.

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Afraid I don't know the answer exactly, but was wondering if you ever figured out what the issue was.


We likewise have a .NET WPF application (though without Prism) and hundreds of customers with Citrix that don't have any issues... but one of them have an issue just like you describe where the citrix session randomly freezes while using our application.


Our best guess at this point is that, because the application makes some small writes to some small files on a shared network location, that somehow it's locking up when trying to perform that action (and not throwing any sort of file access exception as we would expect it to)... but no idea how to go about debugging this.


We've seen the issue on Citrix Receiver 4.9 and upgrading to 4.12 didn't help.

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