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How to check license server

Bhaskar Rao1709156760


Hello Everyone,


I am Bhaskar and i have few queries related to XenApp 6.5.


1) How can i check which server is license server using command prompt.

2) How can i check which server is data store.

3) How can i check which server is data base server.


I want to know all these detals using command not from GUI. If any command available let me know. I know qfarm command. I also want to know what servers it will display when you run qfarm. what is the * mark indicates when you run qfarm command.


Thank you in Advance,



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mf20.dsn will show you your database server and database name. It will be located in c:\program files (x86)\citrix\independent management architecture". Your license server is a little trickier. That is best found in the registry. I would look under HKLM\Software\wow6432node\citrix\licensing.



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You should have it all documented for this reason so you can refer to it.


You can start with qfarm /zone, this will show you your data collector by adding a D next to the server name.


Alos look at qfarm /? for help on qfarm commands


Your data collector will be your database server.

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