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maintenance mode and permissions

David Goodrich


I'm looking at publishing limited access to the XenDesktop director to our helpdesk agents, but there's one sticking point.  Higher level techs will often put desktops into maintenance mode for work, but may not notify the affected user.  If that user calls the helpdesk, and the phone agent removes sees that maintenance mode is enabled, they will just remove it.


Is there a good way to enforce that if (for example) a "Full Administrator" turns on maintenance mode on a desktop, a user with "Help Desk Administrator" permissions can't turn it off?


If there isn't, how does everyone else work around it?

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If you go to administrators and in role definition don't allow them to "enable/disable maintenance mode of a machine via delivery group" and/or "enable/disable maintenance mode of a delivery group" and assign your helpdesk users that role, they won't be able to change the maintenance mode that it set by a full admin.

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