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How can i hide application icons on user desktops for few users connecting to a Delivery group

vipin sharma1709153607


I am supporting XenDesktop 7.0 App Edition for one of our customer.I recently received a request that we i should hide application icons for few users connecting to a delivery group whereas for other all application icons should be visible. Currently, I don't have any restrictions setup for this delivery group and users connecting to delivery group, can see all applications available on their desktops which i rolled out using Master Image. I already proposed a plan for a separate delivery group to customer but he is not ready for it. Please help and let me know if there is any way i can hide user desktop icon without changing profiling model ( I mean i don't want mandatory profiles for these users). Thank you, Please let me know if you need any further information.

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I have one Delivery Group and in Application I have 4 Application Group . 
Group A (12 application Published )
Group B   (10 application Published )

Group C  (20 application Published ) 

Group D  (4 application Published ). I also have 4 Domain Groups.

I want Domain A group to see only Application Group A

Domain B Group to see only Application Group B

Domain C Group to see only Application Group C

Domain D Group to see only Application Group D

How can we achieve these . We use Xenapp 7.14


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Hello Carl , 


We have a W2016 master image and we have created 3 machine catalogs for 3 different delivery groups and all of these have that same master image . 

For few user , Teams application installed locally on the master image is visible and other doesn't see the application ( even under %appdata/Microsoft/ {teams folder missing} ) for few specific users . Have checked there is no fslogix App masking , WEM restricting teams app  and there is no GPO set to disable . Please help.

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