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HDX Flash Redirection not working

Udo Jetschmanegg1709156048


Hi there


XA 7.6 , client with Receiver 4.4. No policy configured and no GPO on MS site configured as it is said it should work out of the box.


But when I access videos on http://www.20min.ch the CPU on the server goes up...


I made a MS policy but nothing changed.


I checked the npapi flash player and version 20.x is installed both on the server and the client. Ppapi isn't installed.


I'm working with IE11.


Any hints on that?


Thanks and regards


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So got it to work. What I changed? Good question  :)


Only the policy settings to:


Computer Configuration

HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection - Client
Enable HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection on the user device - Enabled
Use HDX MediaStream Flash Redirection Only with Second Generation 
Enable server-side content fetching - Enabled
Server-side content fetching state Enabled (temporary caching) 
Enable synchronization of the client-side HTTP cookies with the server-side - Enabled  

What I did before:


XenApp Server: Install the Adobe Flash Plug-in from here: https://www.citrix.de/products/xendesktop/support/download-flash-plugin.html


I checked it with videos from msnbc.com, youtube.com, cnn.com and the local site 20min.ch and the CPU was nearly 1/3 less used.


Also the HDX Monitor now shows Flash Redirection as active.



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Sounds right!


Video's are wrapped up and encoded into a file, which then gets streamed to you.  Once they get to you server, it has to get decoded.  If the machine running the IE page isn't offloading this decoding process, it's going to drive the CPU utilization up. 


It doesn't stop there -- if it's not offloading the decoding, the video gets re-encoded using ICA which can actually make the file bigger!


Flash redirection is fun.  Start by looking in the event logs -- there should be some pretty clear messages explaining what is going on.


Event Viewer > Applications and Services Logs > Citrix > Multimedia > Flash > Admin


My guess is that you're seeing messages like this:

The browser major version is above the maximum major version supported by HDX MediaStream for Flash. Server-side Flash rendering will be used if available.


The resolution is to change the PseudoServer value.  http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX139939


You've then got to worry about how you're going to get the flash objects to the client -- server side or client side fetching.  Server side will use some CPU, but not nearly as much as when it's decoding it!



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Hi Joe


Thanks for your answer.


I checked the referred article and added the IEBrowserMaximumMajorVersion even we're running XA 7.6, restarted the server and get the following messages in the logs:


A Flash Player instance meets Intelligent Fallback rules.  Server-side Flash rendering will be used if available. 

The client end-user has chosen not to use HDX MediaStream for Flash.  Server-side Flash rendering will be used if available.


Who choose not to use HDX MediaStream for Flash? This must be something automatically, right? Based on what?


The messages are two times each and are the same as adding the Reg key before.


The message you mentioned I don't see in the logs. Another one I see is:

The site URL cannot be obtained from the browser to check against the dynamic blacklist or the compatibility list.  Server-side Flash rendering will be used if available.


Any idea?




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I checked the HDX Monitor and found the following strange thing:


For my session it shows:



IE Version 9.11.9600.18161


But when I check the Flash settings on my local computer the session is running on I see




And the IE on the XenApp server is:




So the IE versions I see in the HDX Monitor it sets a 9 before the rest of the version number. Is that normal?




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