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"Invalid Credentials" from Receiver, but Web Interface works fine.

Mike Warner


We finally got our new XenApp server setup with the help of a consultant.  They configured the StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway.  We can log in to the Web Interface to access programs and the desktop.  However, we can't seem to login via the Citrix Receiver app.  We can't get it to work on iPads or from a Windows machine.  It connects, but it says the credentials are invalid.  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  The consultant did most of the configuration, but they were difficult to work with and I need to learn how all these pieces fit together.



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It is going to depend on how storefront is configured and if the netscaler was configured correctly. 


It is not a simple matter if you have never worked with storefront and netscaler.  


Your best shot is to either work with your reseller or find another one. 




If you have support you can call Citrix, those guys are usually nice enough to help out with configs like that.

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After some more testing, I found that entering the username in email format works.  For example, on the Windows Receiver it prompts for "Domain\User" and "Password"...but entering MyDomain\Username does not work.  It has to be entered as Username@MyDomain.com.


And on the iPad Receiver app, I have to enter:

Username: Username@MyDomain.com

Password: <password>

Domain: MyDomain.com


Any ideas on why it would be that picky?  Our users aren't familiar with these details and we only have one domain.  Is there a way to simplify the authentication?  

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Are you having problems internal, external, or both? Receiver behaves differently for each.


Is the Internal Beacon configured correctly? It should only be accessible internally.


On StoreFront, you can configure a default domain name.


On NetScaler, you can configure LDAP to accept sAMAccountName.


I have instructions at http://www.carlstalhood.com/netscaler-11/ and http://www.carlstalhood.com/storefront/

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I have the same problem but it is related to the username. We are in the progress of a UPN change where the UPN becomes the email adres. My username is e.g. john which is SamAccountname. My UPN is john@domain.com. My email adres is john.doe@domain,com. The netscaler is configured with 2 LDAP servers one is accepting Samaccountname and the other is accepting UPN. All works fine for the receiver for web and for the workspace app.

Now when i change in active directory the UPN to emailadress, so my login name becomes john.doe@domain.com and leave the ldap servers as they are I still can login fine on the receiver for web internal and external. However the workspace app works fine internally, but externally i can pick a store but when i want to start an app or desktop it gives me invalid username or password. I cannot understand how changing a UPN has a problem with getting my credentials right. Anyone an idea? Do i need to change on the netscaler the UserPrincipalName to mail? We have a phased transision so hopefully thats not the case?

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