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Storefront install file anyone??

Andrew Gresbach1709152664

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We are working on upgrading our Storefront environment from 2.5.2 to get current on v3.    While our initial attempt to upgrade to 3.0.1 went successfully, we found that all of our HP thin clients (t410 & t520's) could not connect to the Storefront web page that we have setup due to the Citrix plugin not being activated.   Working with Citrix we found its most likely due to SSL 3.0 being removed from the latest 3.0.1 update and our clients use that apparently.   We are in the process of swapping out all of our HP clients with newer iGel UD3 clients (which worked just fine after the upgrade) so soon enough we can get current to 3.0.1 ( or whatever is current at that time).    


However,  out of dumb luck I just happened to have a test environment that I was working on a few months back and had version (which i'm told was the last version before the 3.0.1 release) which DID work just fine w/ our current clients.   The citrix tech that I am working on is asking around for anyone internally that has the install file (x64) for me so that we can go to that version but no luck yet.  The closest that he could find was which should work ok but there was a small bug in that release that was fixed in 45.   It looks like theres a .ps1 script that we could run after 44 to fix it but hoping to just get the 45 install if possible .   I was curious if anyone here might still happen to have it??  any help would be great! thank you!

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