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UPS 7.6.3 with UPD 7.6.3 on Windows Server 2012R2 does not print

Patrick Malsch


Hey Folks,


i'm facing a strange issue after upgrading Universal Print Server and Driver to Feature Pack 7.6.3.

We are talking from a Windows Server 2012 R2 Environment


Terminalserver    = UPD 7.6.3
​Printserver (A)  = UPS 7.6.3

​Printserver (B)  = UPS 7.6.2

​The printers are mapped and the UPD is set on all printers in the current session (i see the UPD printer properties).

​When i print a document within my Terminalserver-Session to Printerserver (A), no printer spooler dialog starts, no job to see in the printer qeue on Printserver, no error message appears = nothing happend.


Second try:

Same Terminalserver-Session but i map a printer from Printserver (B) and print the same document = the printjob starts and the completes successfull.

So i thought it is maybe an issue with PrinterServer (A) and i checked via netstat the services and bind ports - but it seems everything is okay (bind to XTE Service too default Port 8080 and Listening).


I've compared the Services on Printserver (A) and Printserver (B) it seems they are okay.


I don't know how to proceed further. I've already searched the web through reported issues with UPD 7.6.3....


Does anyone have an idea? :)

​Best Regards


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i´ve got a similar issue on Server 2008R2.

no errors, no printer dialogs, also no print jobs on the spooler.


TS: 7.6.3

PS. 7.6.3


finaly, a printserver downgrade to 7.6.0 solved my problem, maybe 7.6.2 would work also but after so many days of troubleshooting i realy don´t want to try it out -.-

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