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Delete XenMobile User

Kurt Gudenkauf1709155110


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I raised this as query with Citrix during a recent XenMobile GotoMeeting update and the question went unanswered during the session. I then asked the organiser who forwarded the question to the product management team who confirmed -


"We can delete devices from XMS console but not AD users." 


So at present, you cannot delete from v10.x - though  you can on v9. Seems to be a bit of an issue, especially as you cannot delete test users, users who have left the company or you just need to delete! Hacking around the database to remove the user account is currently the only way.








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Same Probleme here.


But it's realy a Problem. We have to Change some UPN Suffixes and now the users didn't work in XenMobile because the account in XenMobile is not updated with the new UPN Suffix :(


It is not possible to delete the user and to recreate it?

Citrix should realy add an Option to delete this users.


Hi, not sure it is related, but i experienced in 10.1 that AD changes was not imported to XM.

In my case it was not a atribute, but a group membership that would not update in XM in the user existed.

(no problem syncing in new users)


After upgrading to 10.3, this was resolved. 

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This is no where near a fix or even a reasonable solution and i FULLY agree this option need to be introduced into XenMo - but I did find in my testing (on my test environment) that if i completely blew away the AD config that the LDAP users went away as well in the Manage -> Users section. 

I cant recall if i rebooted the node(s) or simply logged out then back in but I do remember the users being dumped.

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Had the same problem, we changed the email adress of a existing user in AD, as a result the user could not log in and looking in the XMS database showed that the upn name did not change in the database, I had to edit the dbo.useraccnts table. This was in XMS 10.3. So there is clearly a bug that the database is not updating existing records

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Hello, we had same issue. I had to delete the user from the db and reboot the nodes for us to be able to do anything.

I wouldnt recommend for anyone to do this and you should probably speak to your SQL team or even log a call with citrix but the tables you need to delete the user from is dbo.useraccnts and dbo.users. once done, restart all nodes before trying to access again with the correct details.


Messing with db can literally screw your whole environment if done wrong.

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