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Applications Missing

Matthew Blake

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I have setup a Web Interface that points to 2 different delivery controller groups. One is on the same domain, the second is on a trusted domain (1 way trust)


I am able to log into the web interface with explicit credentials and see applications from both Delivery Controller groups, however my problem is when running Citrix Receiver from the local machine with domain pass-though enabled.  I only see the applications from the domain I am connected to.  (Only one of the delivery controller groups)


I have tried removing the local domain's Delivery Controllers to troubleshoot the problem.  After doing that, when logging into web interface I see the published applications, however the local Citrix Receiver has no published applications.


Both Farms are 7.6, and storefront is 3.0.1





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I am having similar issues with XenDesktop 7.8 and StoreFront 3.5.  When logging into a StoreFront server in the same domain as my account, I can see all published applications, but some other users cannot in my domain cannot.  When those same users connect to a remote StoreFront across the WAN in the other domain, they can see the published applications.  It is not consistent and seems to be related to domain and/or the number of groups the user is in.

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I figured out my issue, which sounds similar to yours.


For sanity sake, Domain A Trusts Domain B, but Domain B does not Trust Domain A (1 way trust)


We had groups built in Domain A which were then used to publish applications for both domains.  This causes an issue when using Receiver (SSO) but not the web interface (Explicit). 

Application A - > Limited Visibility to DomainA_GROUP


To fix this we published the applications to groups in both A and B domains.


Application A -> Limited Visibility to DomainA_GROUP & DomainB_GROUP

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