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Receiver and Cisco Anyconnect VPN always fails

Nicholas Papadonis


Hi Folks,


I have been successfully using the Citrix Receiver to connect to a client from both an open network and internal firewall proxy server network.  I'm finding that when I using my companies VPN software, Cisco Anyconnect to establish a VPN session, then Citrix receiver will not make it's initial connection. It fails out indicating server connection interrupted.  If I disable Cisco Anyconnect the connection works again.  I checked proxy servers and they are the same on both scenario's I used.  I have also tested and validated this occurs on both Windows 7 and Mac OS X using the latest receiver client.


Does anyone know if the Citrix receiver has a problem with Cisco Anyconnect?  Are there special configuration parameters I need to provide to my organization such that Anyconnect passes Citrix data and the connection is established?


I'm finding this whole thing odd because my company's VPN configuration is serving 30,000+ people.




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