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"Connection validation failed on domain " for user " for reason 'Deny' when Passthrough authentication is enabled

Maria Webster


I have setup XenDesktop 7.6 with StoreFront 3.01 in a demo environment. My controller and storefront server are all on the same system and I am using http and not https. 

In trying to connect to VDIs, explicit authentication works fine (from Receiver 4.3). However, I am having problems with passthrough authentication. I think it is working because if a user logs onto his client system and starts up Receiver, he is logged on and can see the desktops and applications that are allocated to him. However, every time he tries to start up a desktop or application, he gets the message ''cannot start app. Please contact your helpdesk".


There are no errors on the Desktop server. The only error I ever get is on the VDI that an attempt is being made to connect to and the error here is "Connection validation failed on domain " for user " for reason 'Deny'.

I can see that various people have seen this error but can't find a definite resolution. I have tried a number of different things but nothing seems to make any difference.

Please could someone tell me how I can try to trace what is going on?

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You are correct that the "Deny" is just a general error that can happen for a number of causes so you need to get the real error. Download Citrix's "CDFControl" tool. Isolate a machine (put all the others in maintenance if you have to) then start a remote trace on it via CDFControl: Tools > Remote Tracing. Then try to connect. Stop the trace and then either analyze it yourself using these instructions and the CDFAnalyzer tool- http://xenthusiast.com/how-to-open-and-analyze-citrix-cdf-traces-cdflogfile-etl-files/ or open a case with Citrix and have them analyze it. There is a decent chance you will find and understand the meaning of the error yourself since this sounds like a simple config issue, but if there is truly a bug, Citrix will have to be involved.

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