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Change or remove X-Frame-Options:SAMEORIGIN

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is it possible to change response for x-frame-option or completely remove it? (https://nsx.ourcompany.com/vpn/index.html ) We would like to incorporate NSX logon page into our portal however X-Frame-Options:SAMEORIGIN is preventing the logon screen to be displayed within our portal. We have tried rewrite action however this is not working ....


add rewrite action XFrameOptions INSERT_HTTP_HEADER X-FRAME-OPTIONS "\"ALLOW-FROM  https://portal.ourcompany.com\""
add rewrite action XFrameOptions delete_http_header X-FRAME-OPTIONS








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Hello Jason,


i don't think this will solve my problem. I'm referring public VPX logon page (as iframe) in some other public portal. In other words i need to have VPX logon page to be displayed inside some other page - both publicly available. And of course VPX is accesible via different name than parent portal.



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