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I need to change the NSIP IP address

Christian LEGAY

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Hello all,


I need to change NSIP IP address. At the beginning, We put the NSIP in DMZ, but now we change that to put the NSIP in management VLAN.


We created a Management VLAN (no tagged) , but It's impossible to move the NSIP, because we don't see It and we don't find how to change the IP address.


We followed the Carl Stalhood's tuto (thk for your tutos) Multiple Interfaces – VLANs, because at the end, we want this configuration:



SNIP in Multi-LAN (backend)



Should we repeat the entire configuration from the beginning or is It possible to make changes?


Could you help me please.


Best regards.

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so what is the best option to do it? I have instances that I going to change the MGMT  ip from them in order to move to the VLAN mgmt (other subnet) and the VIP still working with other subnet (other vlan) and I going to move the mgmt traffic from my instances to one of the port of SDX that I have for cooper (gslb)

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