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Unwanted restart of delivery group before end of dayilight savings

Oliver Küpfer




We are using XenDesktop 7.6


We have a restart schedule in place for most of our delivery groups. Servers (2012 R2). Servers are restarted on Saturday at 2:00h am. This has always worked for the past months


This Sunday at 0:00h am the servers restarted as well. They were restarted by the delivery controller. (Similar log entries as on Sat. night). There is not restart schedule for Sunday in place.


Is this a bug related to shift from daylight savings time to winter time?


Thanks for your help





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The same thing just happened to our XenDesktop delivery groups as well.

Scheduled to reboot at 3am on Saturday, which completed ok. Then it ran a scheduled reboot a second time at midnight on Saturday, 3 hours before daylight saving time ended.


We are running XD 7.8 with PVS 7.7


Be nice to know if this is just a bug that has been identified and resolved in later versions.

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@zneal946, which version and CU you are on? We experienced it this year and at least as far back as 2018 and 2019, too. We're currently on LTSR 7.15 CU1. I've opened up SR# 80094331 for this issue, and referenced SR#79286252 in my open case. Also referenced the discussion post in which that SR was mentioned, https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/405438-unexpected-scheduled-reboot-at-sunday-27th-0000/. I'm still awaiting a response from Citrix support.

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