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XenDesktop 7.6 and Director - Slow load times to launch Director

Jim Dirkes


So, after roughly a year of testing 7.x and getting a firm understanding of how the system operates, I've decided to go for the upgrade.  After reading a recent blog post about FP2 and the new Director 7.6.300 being able to read into my XenApp 6.5 environment, it just seemed like a great idea to go ahead and build the new site.  


After setting up the requisite number of delivery controllers, I went ahead and published Director, so that I can give the Helpdesk at our campus a new tool to assist in their troubleshooting Citrix calls. This will give them hands-on experience with the application, as well as a single point of access for all of our Citrix ventures (6 XA farms and 2 XD sites).  I've got a few problems to overcome with this application, and I will post them as separate threads, perhaps it will spawn some more conversation regarding Director?


When I launch Director (or anyone else on my team that is testing it with me), the logon process seems to take FOREVER!  Almost as if it is timing out after 1 minute.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  Once the login hits, it goes right in.  I went ahead and pre-populated the domain field, so that they don't have to add it every time that they login in (pretty easy process, just edit the LogOn.aspx file in the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director folder), and while that certainly is more convenient, it made no difference in the startup time.


It reminds me of a presentation that I saw from Sam Jacobs and WebInterface 5.4, where he showed us how to disable CRL checking.  I need to look that up, because I forgot completely how to do it.  I mean, you do something once, and it doesn't ever need to be done again.


Thanks in advance!!


Jim Dirkes

Medical University of SC

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Thanks for the quick response, Jarian!!  That was the article that I needed, but it looks like it isn't CRL checking. :-(


I went ahead and did the x86 version as well, both v2.x and v4.x files, just in case.  I tried an IISRESET but that availed nothing, so I then rebooted the controller that I am using, hoping that I might see improvement.  Nope.  After the reboot, it took 1:21 to login.  Actually, anything over 20 seconds is not acceptable.  Am I expecting too much?  Who else is using Director and has normal login times?

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Hi Jim,

director should login with 20 second. i have few questions,


- how many sites is the director monitoring ?

- are these sites on same geo location ?

- check the network latency between broker\DDC and director machine.


these steps will help us analyse why director login is slow. 


Wow... it's definitely double, if not triple that.


I am managing a single XenDesktop site, but I have also added our XenApp 6.5 farm, so we would have a single point of configuration.


Everything is in the same campus here in Charleston, same vlan.


DDC, broker and Director are all on the same machine.


Thanks for helping.



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Hi Jim,


I'd suggest running CDFControl on the Director server.  If everything is on one machine, just select the DirectorService module, and click Start Tracing.  Have one Director User/Admin login, wait for the login process to complete, then click Stop Tracing.  This should tell us where the time is being spent.  If you don't see it doing anything you may go to Tools->Options->Enable real-time viewing->Save.


CDFControl may be found here:



Are you seeing any resource contention on the DDC/Director server during logons?

Do you have over 1000 Delivery Groups in the XD/XA(7.x) site?

Do you have one server per Farm/Site specified in the Director web.config? Service.AutoDiscoveryAddresses for XD/XA(7.x) sites and Service.AutoDiscoveryAddressesXA for XA(6.5) farms



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I came across this thread because I have exactly the same problem - Citrix Director taking almost a minute to log in every single time, for every user.  I'm on 7.15 at the moment, but I've had the same thing on 7.13, 7.9 and 7.8.


I ran a CDFControl Trace like Sean Michelsen suggested above, and there were two events that pointed to the problem.  First one was this (taking 20 seconds to complete)...

Loading plugin panel file C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\bin\..\DisplayConfig\HdxInsightPlugin\HdxInsightForUDPluginConfig.xml failed with exception could not perform the logon operation and inner exception : The operation has timed out


Followed directly by this one (also taking 20 seconds)...


Loading plugin panel file C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\bin\..\DisplayConfig\HdxInsightPlugin\HdxInsightPluginConfig.xml failed with exception could not perform the logon operation and inner exception : The operation has timed out


So, these two things timing out are adding 40 seconds to the logon time.


Do you know what they mean, and how I can fix it?



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I had the same issue on 2 Director servers.

For a long time with several versions, even with the latest version 1912.


I can this command to solve the issue on both Director servers in an Administrator cmd box:


"C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools\DirectorConfig.exe" /unconfignetscaler


This cleared up some old config to Netscaler MAS that I wasn't using anymore.


Login to Director is now super fast, 2 seconds instead of 45 seconds.


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