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Password change causes profile not to load

Kevin Halstead1709153093




Very strange issue, we use Xenapp 7.6 and using Profile Management 5.2

We have 6 Citrix servers in our environment, using UPM for profile management and everything work well, until someone change their password which is done every couple of months by policy.


When the user changes their password, they log out and log back in again their profile fails to load. Outlook needs to be configure, document redirect doesn't work etc.


Even though in the event log it states:


User <username> path to the user store is \\srv\xenprofile\<user>\UPMProfile Cause: A valid Citrix user profile has been found at location indicated.


It hasn't loaded a temporary profile or anything.


Checked Group policy to make sure Delete Local profile was set as detailed in profile handling UPM ADM Policy.


What I have found which is very interesting, the actual server they changed their password on works fine and still loads their profile properly. However the other 5 Citrix servers fail to load her profile correctly since changing their password.  If I keep the user on this one Citrix server they would be fine. But this is not a solution. Is this a bug with UPM 5.2?


All 6 Citrix servers are built the same.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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Just to make you aware that this is still happening and not just at one of our supported sites. The only way to fix it is to clear the UPM_Profile folder. Let it resync and all is well again (Issue only occurs after a password reset).


Any ideas why it just doesn't work as well as Windows's own, wish we never used Citrix Profile Management to be honest.


Many Thanks.

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Hi All,


we have a similar Problem:


Our Environment: XEN Desktop 7.1, VDA 7.6, UPM 5.3 (Windows 2012R2/Windows 8.1)


When a user is forced to Change his expired Password (GPO) on his local client, he is not able to start a Xen Desktop session.  "preparing Windows...." and afte a while > Receiver Error 1030


We tried to debug the process (UPM Logs, Windows netlogon debugging)  but we can't find any problem.   


To solve the problem (workaround), we have to reset the userprofile.


We assume the problem is caused by GPO Settings...but which one ??? :-)


unfortunately there is a great amount of GPOs !  

Any ideas ?


thx in advance

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Did you ever find a solution for this?


We upgraded from 7.12 to 7.15 CU2 over a month ago and this started to happen. UPM version is 7.15.2000. 


In Ctx Studio the session attempt can be seen in prelogon state, the user name is blank, but client computer name can be seen. There are no errors in UPM logs in \\vdaserver\c$\Windows\system32\LogFiles\UserProfileManager\domain#vdaserver_pm.log .


Deleting/renaming the user's UPM profile folder lets the user to log in again. The UPM GPO has been rebuilt from scratch with new admx templates, but didn't help.


At the moment the users can reset their UPM profiles with a self-service script, but we need to find a permanent solution soon.





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I saw a similar issue like this before.

Not a fix, but more a workaround which helped:

Add the affected user to the group 'Direct access users' on your VDA, the user should be now able to login to the VDA by RDP.

Let the user login by RDP, you will notice the login process will last for about two or three minutes. When the session is fully launched, log off the user.

Now launch a normal ICA session, the login should work as normal again and the session should be initialized.


If this helps, you can skip the RDP logon process for all users and increase the logon timeout on your VDA. Add to your VDA the following Registry Key, for example by GPO or adding the Key directly into your master image:


Name: ApplicationLaunchWaitTimeoutMS
Base: Decimal Value
Data:<desired additional time-out, in milliseconds >


The logon will last longer after a password reset, but it will work.


Maybe this will help you guys.





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