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John Wirth1709154612


Creating a new machine catalog with vGPU on VMware cluster. However only one of the servers have GRID GPU's for now as still POC. The Catalog was created fine as coincidentally/not, the preparationvm was created on the esxi node that has the GPU's.


I am now trying to update the master image and the preparation VM got created on on a host without a GPU so the process failed as follows:


DesktopStudio_ErrorId : UnknownError

ErrorCategory : NotSpecified

ErrorID : FailedToStartImagePreparationVm

TaskErrorInformation : Terminated

InternalErrorMessage : The amount of graphics resource available in the parent resource pool is insufficient for the operation.


Is there a way to force MCS to use a specific host for preperationVM's and for that same reason also for new VM's.


Tried using VMware cluster rules - this can only work if the machine is registered in VMware and not not new machines that are not yet created.

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MCS doesn't make any selection about host as that is the responsibility of the hypervisor which is much better placed to make decisions about where VMs should run. If the VM is created with a GPU requirement and ESXi/vSphere chooses to start it on a host with no GPU then that is a flaw in VMware.



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I have a similar problem:

I have an ESX cluster with 5 hosts, each with 1 Nvidia M10 graphics card. The VMs have the vGPU profile "grid_m10-4q" assigned, which means that each ESX host can serve max. 8 VMs. Of course we want to use all resources (because we paied it), so we have 40 VMs running. So far, so good.

During a MCS machine catalog update, Citrix creates a temporary Preparation VM for doing some tasks. Unfortunately, this VMs has a vGPU assigned and it can't start, because all vGPUs are already used by the running VMs.

How can this be solved? Do I always have to hold one vGPU on each ESC host free for the Preparation VM? (One vGPU per host, because I can't decide, which host is used to start the Preparation VM. Citrix or VMware does this automatically) Or is there a way to configure Citrix, not to use a vGPU for the Preparation VM?


regards, Patrick


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