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SelfService.exe switch for credentials?

Michael Rowand1709155875


Okay, I have been looking everywhere and just can't figure this out, someone please help!


I have receiver 4.2.101 working with pass through just fine.

I want to exit receiver (can do this with selfservice.exe -logoffAndClearuser)

What I can not figure out is, how do I restart receiver and have it log the user on again?

I get half way there by running selfservice.exe however I can't find a switch to tell it to log the current user back into receiver. I would like to accomplish this with a script, or anything programmatically so the user doesn't have to logon.


Thanks in advance for any help!


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I have the same question. I need to be able to pass credentials from the command line to selfservice. I cannot use SSON. The apps I need to launch require explicit logon because they are hosted in a farm that is on another domain and we only have a one way trust with that domain, and that is not something we can change for several reasons. Did anyone ever come up with a way to make this work?

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