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PVS boot duplicate IP

Matthew Riddler




I have the following setup with regard to PVS.

2 PVS 7.6 virtual servers (different vlan to the load balancer)

2 Netscaler express load balancers

1 vdisk

Vsphere 5.1, with 2 vm's to attach to the Vdisk

multiple vlans


If I boot the virtual machines to pick up the vdisk they boot to the disk everytime.

If I move the vlan of the virtual machine to the same vlan as the netscaler VIP, the disk is loaded & then BSOD occurs with Duplicate IP Address problem.

On any of the other vlans vm boots fine (very quickly aswell). DHCP options are exactly the same on all vlans.


Are there any issues booting to the same vlan as the tftp service (even though this is just load balancing to a different subnet (where the PVS servers are).




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