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NetScaler Monitor to Authenticate with a User Name and Password

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I have tried to custom netscaler monitor for Microsoft CA by followiong this CTX:


Curl command works using this comand:

curl -u "administrator:password" --ntlm

I am using TCP-ECV like this:

GET /certsrv HTTP/1.1rnAuthorization: Basic YWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcjpQQHNzdzByZA==rnHost:


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Please configure HTTP-ECV monitor instead of TCP-ECV. Also please provide

  1. snapshot of Send string and receive string configured
  2. Packet capture snippet highlighting response from server. Response from server should exactly match "receive string" configured.

Easier way will be to use HTTP monitor and configure custom header in it for Basic authentication

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Hi Hemang

Thanks for reply.

I configured other HTTP-ECV monitor, now I got "failure - pattern not found in response".

Below how i set up the monitor.

add lb monitor test_login_http-ecv HTTP-ECV -send "GET /certsrv HTTP/1.1rnAuthorization: Basic YWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcjpQQHNzdzByZA==rnHost:" -recv Welcome -LRTM ENABLED

image.thumb.png.fcba69f9eba342e33ebdf2b8798620b1.pngHTML body:image.thumb.png.b3891667f13104b6a1ec36b46ef2ad29.png 

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