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CitrixReceiver.exe installation failed

Ian Burnell


Trying to silent install receiver 4.1 with command line CitrixReceiver.exe /SILENT /includeSSON ENABLE_SSON="Yes"


During install box pops up saying installation failed. However if you click ok it completes successfully no problem. Looking at logs files it seems to be during USB component - this is the line from TrolleyExpress


14:08:51: Information - CInstallationManager::InstallComponent(694) - Component Install Commandline: REBOOT=ReallySuppress MSIDISABLERMRESTART=0 MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL=0 ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1 NEED_RECEIVER=n TROLLEYINSTALL=1 SILENT=1  ALLUSERS=1
14:31:56: Information - CComponent::CreateRegistryRecords(723) - Writing registry records for uninstall.


Notice the times on left of line it stopped at 14:08 and after I clicked ok at the failure pop-up happily continued at 14:31


I have tried version and and also tried different switch i.e citrixreceiver.exe /SILENT on its own - same issue


Given I need to deploy this to users via SCCM It must be a silent install so any thoughts appreciated


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Is there a current receiver or ica plugin on these systems? If so its best to uninstall the existing citrix client and then let the new citrix receiver install. I personally uninstall version 3.4, kill trolleyexpress.exe, then install receiver 4.2. I do this with a 3rd party installer, not SCCM but I would guess you can do the same sort of thing through its packager.




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