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Load Balance Exchange 2013 - powershell virtual directory

Alexey Talal

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I've published Exchange 2013 via. Netscaler's LB feature to increase availability for staff, and that's working great. However, I have a need to publish the /powershell virtual directory as well, and that's working not so great.


Trying to access https://vip/powershell/healthcheck.htm always fails - both the netscaler monitor I've written and when accessing the URL from a PC client's browser. I get a 500 error when the SNIP connects to the individual Exchange server's /powershell directory, while client PCs get a 200 code, (showing that /powershell is healthy and working on that server).


The guides for publishing Exchange 2013 all focus on the /oa, /owa, /ecp, etc virtual directories, not /powershell.
Is publishing /powershell via. netscaler possible? Has anyone done it successfully? Are there any tests I can run to narrow down this issue, or guides I can follow to check my work?





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How did you set up Load Balancing for Powershell? Have a similar problem with a customer. Internal URL Works. External about LB unfortunately not. Have this as far as owa, etc. set up and unfortunately you will not really find something.

Even if the post office is a bit older, I would be glad about any help.

Many Thanks

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